Client and Product Responsibility

Client and Product Responsibility

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is an important part of business sustainability. In addition to allowing the organization to enhance stability in terms of revenue, having good clients also ensures support and growth with the company. Thus, a strong foundation is often composed of strong ties with clients.

The company currently gives great importance to its relationships with clients, as clearly evidenced by the fact that the company's current clients have conducted business with the company for a long time, some of which have been overcoming obstacles and growing with the company for nearly half a century. Thus, the company's structured policy in relationship management is clearly apparent and can be described as follows:

The company has a clear anti-corruption policy and is against corruption in all forms, so clients can be assured that the company operates business transparently and properly in the right way and that the company's anti-corruption activities occur continuously.

The company has a policy to meet with clients and trade partners on a regular basis in order to exchange business view points and hear information that could be used to improve the company and lead to the development of new products in meeting client needs.

· The company performs client satisfaction surveys by sending survey forms to clients as another way for clients to express their opinions and evaluate the company in a structured manner. These surveys are regularly performed to ensure that the company maintains its standards and operational excellence.