Brief Company History

TPCS did not stagnate in diversifying its product line providing materials & products to different applications as follow:

Technical or Industrial Textile : includes textiles for Industrial applications i.e. automotive, air conditioning and medical products such as Disposable face mask and Belt Supporter.

Conventional Textile : clothing materials used for Intimates, sportswear, etc.

Home Textile : finished products for home furnishing namely pillow, bolster and bed protector fabric.

Health Care Products : Face mask, Back Support, Wrist Support, Ankle Support, Bouffant Cap Etc.


TPCS is aiming to be the leader in curating innovation to meet the demands of a new generation of consumer, with a promise to contribute towards sustainable growth.


• TPCS will never stop creating and curating new consumer-centric innovation.

• TPCS will withstand future revolutions by expanding into various business sectors,
establishing a deep understanding to ensure future success.

• TPCS promises to run a people centric business and will always put the needs of stakeholders first.

Corporate Values


Innovation cannot be achieved without striving for technological advancement to meet the needs of people.


We recognise the importance of people. Therefore we put skills, well being and fairness for our people first in our decision making


We encourage creativity so that innovation can be developed. TPCS is open to new ideas to produce successful consumer solutions and future innovation.


TPCS values a strong organisational base and better society for the future. We can achieve this by considering business sustainability and social responsibility.





Awards and Recognition