Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

The company respects human rights according to the following practice guidelines:

• There shall be no activities or support of activities which violate human rights.
• Employees are provided with knowledge and understanding of human rights which are applied to work operations
• There are no limitations to independence or differences in ideology, gender, race, religion, politics or other matters. The expression of opinions which could cause conflicts or divisions should be avoided.
• Channels shall be provided for employees or persons who believe that their personal rights have been violated or that they have been treated unfairly to file a complaint with the Company. Such complaints shall be given attention and processed fairly.

The company gives importance and takes actions to avoid violating human rights such as the following

· The company evaluates and deals with situations involving risks related to human rights with caution. For example, the company communicates with employees inside the organization and external parties that the company does not accept minors younger than 15 years of age for work.
· The company avoids becoming either directly or indirectly involved in human rights violations, and the company reviews its organizational security measures in line with human rights principles consistent with international practice guidelines and relevant laws such as those in regards to security guard inspection procedures and CCTV installation sites inside the organization.
· Concerning discrimination and special-needs individuals, the company does not discriminate against disabled persons and instead provides appropriate facilities while also employing disabled persons to work and learn skills that will improve work knowledge.