Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Employee Activities

The company is determined to create a safe work environment and provide employees with good work life quality through continuous development of the occupational health and safety system with priority to promoting work safety culture and behaviors and adoption of safety innovations and technologies in production processes through the following activities:

1. Emergency Preparations

The company organizes drills in preparation for emergencies such as annual firefighting and evacuation with increasingly realistic simulations every year to raise awareness among employees about safety and to ensure that they can properly deal with situations as they occur.

2. Employee Safety Training

The company greatly emphasizes and gives importance to providing safety training to employees with focus on work safety courses to ensure that employees adopt work safety practices and minimize work-related accidents for employees.

3. Work Environment Analysis

The company performs analysis and inspection of work environment to identify the sources and quantities of pollution within the company in addition to regulating environmental quality for work safety and monitor environmental quality according to the standard values set by the law in order to monitor pollution and risk factors that might impact the health of employees and surrounding communities and take timely corrective actions.