Business and Social Innovations

Business and Social Innovations

To innovate means doing something new for the sake of development.  Furthermore, doing something new does not always have to rely on advanced technologies or expensive investments. Instead, it can be doing something new that creates benefits and goodness which contribute to the organization's sustainability. These innovations can accordingly be divided into business innovations and social innovations.

Business innovations mean doing something new to advance the business, whether such new things reduce cost or are inventions, investments or things that meet client needs or lead to improved work conditions for employees, easier management by the board of executives, or increasing business profits for better growth and shareholder dividends. Thus, the company's guidelines for promoting business innovations are as follows:

  • The company is prepared to procure sources of investment and investment in new technologies on a continual basis, as can be seen from the company's constant development of new products through the activities of the product research and development department, which develops new products based on the business's existing foundation to integrate and maximize resource utilization.
  • The company convened meetings and gave opportunities to employees to present their ideas and methods on how to improve work under their responsibility as well as present problems that have been encountered in order to make joint considerations to seek improvement and development guidelines. The purpose of this is to encourage employees to move forward to the future such that they consider continuously improving themselves, and employees were also given a stage to present their opinions about new developments.
  • The company firmly believes that business opportunities are constantly being created, and the company is open to seeking new investment opportunities and new businesses. However, these must remain within a scope that permits effective risk management.

The three abovementioned guidelines have led to new products released to the public and continuously create business value for the company.

          In 2021, which is the year that Thailand is still facing the problem of Covid-19 and there is no sign of a decrease, the company has initiated the development of higher quality masks to give consumers more confidence in wearing masks. Including medical personnel who are the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, the company has developed a medical mask, well care level 2 and 3, which are masks that can be used in general medicine and in medical surgery.

In addition, Welcare Level 3 medical masks with a thickness of 4 ply (which are allowed to display the TIS symbol Level 3 at a level that can be used in surgical medicine) are also popular with consumers. general which is used to replace the wearing of a 2-layer mask as well

The company has developed the distribution of products. To have more sales of products in the online system The main objective is to distribute products directly to consumers. which solves the problem of distributing masks that are in high demand which in addition to creating a reputation for the company in terms of distributing products to consumers thoroughly It is also helping society to reduce the hoarding of certain products that are in high demand. for example various hygiene products, etc. In this regard, the Company is considered one of the missions that should be given back to society as a leading health producer in the country.