Data Scientist / Data Analyst

Job Summary:
             To analyze and develop the corporate data insights and work closely with business units.  Also, identify opportunities and drive business results with data-driven approaches with actionable solutions.  And create models for improving customer experience and formulating business strategies.


  • Manage and ensure the reliability of data in Corporate database.
  • Able to use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experience, revenue generation and ad targeting
  • Solve complex problems on both technical and business sides using advanced analytical methods.
  • Develop and analysis custom data model , business requirements, processing, and creating dynamic dashboards
  • Co-ordinate with cross-functional teams to develop end-to-end data analytics solutions
  • Support and train related teams in data usage practices, analysis techniques and follow up Process.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Math or related fields
  • Specials experience with SQL, BI tools and working with large data sets
  • Experience with statistical programming languages (e.g., Python, R, pandas)
  • Program BI tools: Power BI
  • Strong in Data Analytics skills & technical skills.
  • Strong communication skills, with fluency in both English and Thai
  • Minimum 3 year of experience